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Q1. Why should i eat organic?
As we all know, our present circumstances require all of us to be more careful and conscious about our choices of foods and our lifestyle! With the infections and various health threats on the rise, people all over the world have now woken up to the reality that, ORGANIC & NATURAL choices of food and lifestyle, are instrumental in boosting our immunity and fighting off dangerous infections and diseases! The Organic & Natural choices of food, consumed over time, can ACTUALLY PROTECT YOU against many diseases and disorders, and also from harmful bacterial and viral infections! The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison! so Let’s Choose wisely.
Q2. What is NPOP/NOP?
The certification bodies accredited under NPOP have to follow the certification procedures as per MoU with APEDA. The NOP accreditation is given to the NPOP accredited Certification Bodies under the Recognition Agreement between India and US for Conformity assessment.
Q3. What are organic certifications?
Organic certification is intended to assure consumers that a product marketed as organic was in fact produced according to organic production standards, which can vary by country.
Q4. What are the health benefits of eating organic foods?
Organic food is tastier, fresher, and has a higher nutritional value.
It Increases the absorption of vital nutrients which is present in the food, into the body.
It reduces the toxic burden on your body
It boosts your immune system and aids in hormonal balance
It is healthier and safe because it’s free from harmful chemicals
Q5. How are organic products different?
Organic foods are chemical-free, without any pesticides, without any fertilizers, No GMOs. They are certified and that’s why called as Organic Foods. Our food products are ECOCERT certified products. Our Natural Foods are sourced organically and that’s why they are wholesome, unrefined & unadulterated i.e. No artificial colors or flavors, No artificial preservatives.